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Created 8-Jul-14
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Today I spent some time with an Osprey family... Male, Female and 2 chicks. It was amazingly wonderful to watch them. I took stills and video.
This first video is just after Mom feeds the two juveniles..
They are enjoying the feel of full bellies when a threat in the form of a third Osprey comes overhead. Mom has the chicks lie down in the nest and attempts to cover them with her wings as she calls out to her mate. Dad never gets too close to the intruder, but his calling must have had the "right stuff". The intruder never gets too close and soon is on its way, so the chicks pop back up to applaud Dad along with mom.

Be sure to watch this in full screen mode.

I hope you enjoy watching this as much as I did watching it live.

District #5 State Forest - Concord, NH 07-08-14

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