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Created 30-Oct-12
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When hurricanes come in from the sea, they oftentimes bring with them birds that spend their lives entirely at sea, known as Pelagic Birds. Birders often go out into the storm hoping to find that "life bird", one we haven never seen before.
Such was then case for me yesterday, however I came up empty. Today however, there was a report of just such a bird, a Leach's Storm-Petrel that had ended up inn Lake Massabesic in Manchester, NH. So I ran down there to attempt to photograph it. I did get some very distant shots, however they are not worth posting here, and I did get to watch it in my scope. Unfortunately this little bird was too tuckered out to fly, and a group of juvenile Greater Black-Backed Gulls got to it. The following pictures are graphic, but reflect the constant struggle for life in the wild world of nature.

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