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Created 5-Dec-12
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This Juvenile Turkey Vulture should be long gone south by now. It has a broken wing, which healed on its own however it did not do so properly, thus is unable to fly.

There is no logical explanation for this, but it apparently sought out the help of humans, and found a home that is very remote in the woods in Deerfield, NH. It hung around for a few days until the people decided to herd it into their garage and contact Wings, who contacted me to go capture the bird and bring it to them to see if anything could be done to help it.

Did this bird decide it needed our help? Is that possible? Maria Colby of Wings says no, however I myself am not so sure... who is to say what forces of nature are at work at any given time... are we "all Gods creatures" like it says in the bible? I for one do not have an opinion, but I like to think all creatures are somehow connected in some way. Just Sayin'

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