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Created 2-Mar-13
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Besides shooting birds, I like to occasionally have some fun with my camera. On March 1st 2013, I was on Hampton Beach on a cloudy raw day, it was getting dark fast, so I decided it was the perfect time to mount the camera on my tripod and play with some long exposure shots.
None of these photos are Photoshopped... I don't even own it. I did play a bit with contrast in Photoshop Lightroom 4 though. But the effects you see here were all done thru adjusting the various settings in the camera itself.
In all shots I used the 10 second timer to avoid any tripod shake when the shutter is depressed.
In the images where I appear twice, I ran out into the shot, stood motionless for 10 seconds or so, then walked to a second spot for the rest of the time, staying as motionless as I could. In some shots, I walk as slow as I could but continuously, and did not appear in the picture at all.
There was no fog this night, what you see is multiple waves crashing on the beach during the long exposure shot.

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