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Created 16-Apr-13
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Hello, and thank you for viewing this gallery. I tried to do a little more than simply take pictures here, changing around shutter speeds to attempt to give an artistic flair to the photographs.

Slowing down the shutter speed caused some interesting effects with the water, gave blur to the paddle if I caught the subject in mid stroke and froze splashed water with a slight blur, all with the goal of keeping the subject in focus. There are some instances where I was not successful however I did put those here as well.

The signature in the middle of the photograph is a watermark on my website only. If you purchase a print or download a file, this will not be present, however my signature on the lower right will be present.

All photos in this gallery are high resolution files over 10 MB in size.

Thank you once again,
David Lipsy
Concord, NH

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