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Created 24-Aug-14
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Tonight as I was heading home from a late afternoon shoot, I spotted a swarm of birds over towards the NHTI boat ramp on the Merrimack River, so I jumped off the highway and went to investigate. As I drove up I saw that it was a swirling mass of Nighthawks. They are migrating now. The official NH Audubon counting site here in Concord which I occasionally help out with, recorded a record 2,811 migrating Nighthawks tonight from 6:00 to 7:30 PM. I wish I had gone up there... but then I would not have come across this group.
I estimated the swarm to be anywhere from 150-200 birds swirling around.
They stayed there the entire time I was there.

I took somewhere close to 400 photos of these birds...
This gallery contains my favorites of these photographs.

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