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Hello David, I really enjoyed Piping Plover chick's photos and videos and hence decided to follow your website reguarly. Thank you for bringing the gems of Nature to all of us through your photos and videos. Highly appreciated.
Hi David, you are certainly talented as a photographer! I enjoyed looking at your website.
Mary Jay(non-registered)
Thank you for letting me see your beautiful shots
Naomi Walters(non-registered)
Thanks so much for the advice and encouragement today! It's great to meet someone who really enjoys the art...as well as someone who is far more advanced than I am.

Now I'm going to go look through the rest of these gorgeous photos!
wendy Vizzini(non-registered)
Thank you for opportunity to see your photos.
Melanie Marshall(non-registered)
Hi David.. wonderful to meet today.. thank you very much for the invite, here.. I am about to have a look around.. Time for my eyes to enjoy!
Brad Woodward(non-registered)
Enjoyed meeting you on the hawkwatch in Bristol today. Hope you had a great day and saw lots more broadwings and other fun stuff. Really enjoyed looking through your photos. You have some spectacular images here, and I greatly appreciate the many shots that show the birds in their natural habitats and behaviors, rather than just going for the isolated "guidebook" shot.

Happy Birding,
Tracey Fein(non-registered)
Really spectacular photos!! Love them :)
Linda Jones(non-registered)
Wonderful pictures! You are very talented in what you do. You inspire me!
Paul M.(non-registered)
Was great meeting you today. I appreciate you taking the time to talk with me, wonderful bird work on your site. Keep up the great work!
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