Eagle Eye Photography
Nature & Sporting Event Photography

David Lipsy

I can be found in the woods, at the seashore, on a mountain side and in a multitude of places in my kayak with one goal in mind... to locate and photograph nature, in all of its beauty and splendor.
While I concentrate on birds, any living creature is a photo op just waiting for me to discover and capture with my lens.
I also like to shoot the natural world around me. Cloud formations, flowing water and interesting landscapes always get my attention.

I also hire out at all kinds of sporting events, and would be interested in speaking with you should you require my services.

I also do shoots for people who would like some professional photographs for their personal use, such as dating website profile photographs. I have done a number of these for people with very good results.

So often people tell me they are not photogenic... this is because they "believe" they are not photogenic and come across this way in the photographs because they are nervous and not enjoying the shoot. I can change this.

I prefer to take you out into the wilderness and am very good at making you very relaxed and will make sure you are having a good time so your smiles are genuine. I prefer to not do posed photographs with "simulated" smiles.
I can shoot a small bird zipping thru the air, so I can get you moving and having fun with your kids, your dog, or simply just you enjoying a beautiful day, a nice warm rain, or even frolicking around in a blizzard!

I will also do indoor shoots of any kind if that is what you prefer...

Please give me a call and lets set something up!

My guarantee is that if you are not satisfied with the photographs, you do not have to pay me for the shoot. I will either re-do the shoot at no charge or return payment.